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ai sayama
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ai sayama ai sayama

Japan / 日本

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プロフィール / Profile

「 世界を もっと ワクワク 」
My illustration makes the world more fun!

栃木県出身、東京都在住。 上智大学史学科 卒業後、会社員を経て 2018 年に独立。

取引先 (五十音順)

一般社団法人 関東学生アメリカンフットボール連盟
ローズ産業株式会社 ほか


2015.12 TSUTAYA・新星堂 43 店舗で、ステーショナリーの販売開始。
2015.12 日本橋三越 日本橋本店・マーチエキュート神田万世橋で、風呂敷など雑貨販売。
2015.12 (株)フェリシモより手ぬぐい発売開始。通販・ルミネ新宿店などで販売。
2016.9 西調布つくるまちプロジェクト参画。アトリエ兼ショップを構え、地域店舗とのコラボ商品を制作。
2018.1 西出酒造の日本酒「もろみー」のラベル、手ぬぐいイラストを担当。高島屋で発売開始。
2018.2 東急ハンズ、ロフト、Bleu Bleuet、他全国文具店にて、ステーショナリーの販売開始。
2018.4 外資系自転車メーカー スペシャライズドより、ボトルなどが発売開始。銀座・新宿店にて原画展示。
2019.6 (株)ローズ産業より傘の発売開始。
2019.7 (株)イードよりLINEコンテンツ発売開始。
2019.8 (株)毎日放送 本社のデジタルサイネージ「茶屋町時計」イラスト担当。


2015.11 日本橋三越・Maker’ s Base 共催「新しい和柄」コンペ グランプリ。商品化。
2016.1 ホルベイン × ザ・チョイス「クロッキーメモの表紙を描く」コンペ 最終選考。
2018.9 UNKNOWN ASIA「 Moxy Osaka Honmachi 賞」「横山孝文 ( 毎日放送 ) 賞」受賞。


2016.5 上野Gallery心にて初個展「GirlsandGarden」を開催。
2017.2 代官山のギャラリー 2 会場にて、個展「星と少女展」「ねこ展」を開催。
2017.4 クリエイター EXPO 出展。2019 年まで毎年出展。
2017.7 TSUTAYAの企画で、台北の出版社田園城市で展示販売。
2018.6 (株)オリエンタルベリー協賛 の 2 人展「MINAI 展」を大怪店で開催。
2018.9 大阪 アートフェア「UNKNOWN ASIA」出展。
2019.1 マリオットホテル モクシー大阪本町にて作品展示。
2019.4 パリ ギャラリーモナリザ 「Lumière du Printemps (春の光)展」出展。
2019.9 東京インターナショナル ギフト・ショー 出展。


TEL 090-6128-6256
E-mail info@a-sayama.com

ai sayama

My illustration makes the world more fun!
Born and raised in Tochigi, live in Tokyo.
After the graduation from the history dept. of Sophia Univ. and about 10-year work experience as an office worker, became independent as an illustrator in 2018.
Provide companies with illustration(paintings) for their products, novelty goods, ads, and so on.
Hobbies(favorite pastimes) are playing with cats, going to the theater(watching performances), and reading history related books.

Work History

August 2019
Provide Mainichi Broadcasting System, Inc. with illustration for digital signage display “Chayamachi clock”

July 2019
LINE content launched by IID, Inc.

May 2019
Umbrella launched by ROSE INDUSTRIAL CO.,LTD.

April 2018
Cycling accessories including water bottles launched by Specialized Bicycle Components
Original paintings displayed in Ginza and Shinjuku, Tokyo.

February 2018
Stationery released at stores of Tokyu Hands, LOFT, Bleu Bleuet, and other stationery stores all over Japan

January 2018
Draw illustration for bottle label of Japanese sake “Moromii” by Nishide sake company, sold at department stores (Takashimaya) Provide illustrations for Tenugui (Japanese hand towel) and Line stamp as well

September 2016
Take part in Tsukurumachi Project and open studio and shop in Nishi-chofu
Produce collaboration goods with local stores and join community events to contribute to the community activation

December 2015
-Provide FELISSIMO with illustration for Tenugui, sold online and at some stores
-Goods such as Furoshiki, traditional Japanese wrapping cloth, sold at Mitsukoshi in Nihonbashi and mAAch ecute Mansei bridge -Stationery released at 43 stores of TSUTAYA/SHINSEIDO


September 2018
Receive “Moxy Osaka Honmachi Award” and “Takafumi Yokoyama(Mainichi Broadcasting System) Award” at UNKNOWN ASIA

January 2016
Elected as finalist of “Draw illustration for front cover of CROQUIS MEMO” , competition hosted by holbein x The Choice

November 2015
Win the Grand Prix at “New Japanese Pattern Design” competition co-hosted by Nihonbashi Mitsukosih and Maker’ s Base Prize: commercialization of Furoshiki

June 2015
Elected at “Next Break Creators Project ” , competition held by TSUTAYA Prize: commercialization of stationery

Exhibition History

September 2019

April 2019
Participate in “Lumière du Printemps show” of Galerie Mona Lisa in Paris

January 2019
Exhibit and sell goods at Moxy Osaka Honmachi ,one of the hotels in the Marriott chain

September 2018
Participate in “UNKNOWN ASIA” , international art fair in Osaka

June 2018
Hold joint exhibition “MINAI show” supported by Oriental Berry at Daikaiten, Tokyo

July 2017
Exhibit and sell goods at Gardencity , publishing company in Taiwan, organized by TSUTAYA

February 2017
Hold two solo exhibition “Stars and Girls” and “Cats” at two galleries in Daikanyama, Tokyo

May 2015
Hold first solo exhibition “Girls and Garden” at Gallery Shin in Ueno, Tokyo

Contact information

Please contact us for job requests below.
TEL: 090-6128-6256
E-mail: info@a-sayama.com